Filial Piety and CareForce Clients

Filial Piety is the ancient Chinese ethic of young people showing care and respect to their parents and older relatives.  This concept made the news today when the Chinese government  announced that they would legislate “filial piety” and allow parents to sue their children if they didn’t take care of them.  Well, that’s one way to solve the elder care issue.  As I listened to China’s solution to the silver age wave that is approaching I reflected on our experiences here at CareForce.  We encounter families caring for their elders in so many ways.  There is the daughter who lives with her mother and has CareForce help with meals during the work day when the daughter is gone.  A brother who lives on the East Coast makes sure that his sister is well cared for by hiring CareForce for both Geriatric Care Management plus in home care.  The sons who are not too adept nor interested in providing personal care to their ailing parents hire CareForce to assist with those very intimate tasks.  And then there are the families that hire CareForce to provide care once or twice a year so they can leave town with peace-of-mind that their parents are being cared for properly.  Unlike many, I am not cynical about American families taking care of their elder parents and siblings.  On a daily basis I talk with families who are concerned and are trying to discern the best and most competent manner with which to help their loved one.  Perhaps it is our willingness to bring in an agency to care for our loved ones that is different from other countries.  This practice is still very much, in my view, filial piety.  CareForce even offers our Quality Care Checklist to help you be educated about home care and what an agency might offer. Thanks to all those families who show respect and honor in the many ways that it is possible. (Our In Home Quality Care Checklist is available on the home page of our free download of…)