Aging in Place; rolling caregiving into one’s personal preparedness plan


Over the Summer NPR did a wonderful piece on Morning Edition; AARP Finds Toll On Family Caregivers Is ‘Huge’ I appreciate that this piece really does a good job bringing to light the caregiver burden factor.   There is much in the media these days working to arm and inform our growing population of 50+ and those savvy early planners.  There is a whole set of language and terms; DPOA, Special Needs Trusts, Power of Attorney, Care Manager, Personal Care, Custodial Care, Home Care, Home Health etc……Groups like MetLife and AARP have the big $ to data mine and research and for that I’m thankful.  The confusing language and terminology still exists and so often community members are coming into care episodes in a crisis.  In what I’ve seen in my time working to be influential in the care of our seniors, I’ve seen that it’s equally as important to develop and review care needs much like one reviews their financial fitness; on a schedule.  Looking around and asking those questions, if I needed help to put my socks on who do I have that would be willing to provide hands on care.  Asking those specific questions will help drive what happens next in an individuals personal preparedness plan.  At CareForce we developed a Home Care quality checklist.  This checklist geared towards helping community members determine value as they are planning for their in-home needs.  We also have our CareForce online in-home store.  Our store allows users to build service plans and helps with planning for their future.  I always have my eye out for other meaningful planning tools and welcome postings here.