Aging Your Way; Strength Based Planning here in the Puget Sound Region

Yesterday I attended the Aging Your Way Annual Summit meeting held in West Seattle.  The Aging Your Way Summit showcased what we’ve learned from Boomers over the last year and a half, at the 12 regional Community Gatherings.  We were able to interact directly with people who are working with interesting new models to transform communities.  Most of these models are community- based and make use of the talents and resources of the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods to make this region an excellent place in which to age well.

They invited leaders across five sectors to participate:  government, business, nonprofits, private philanthropy and individual community members to participate. At the Summit we:

  • Learned what Boomers would like their communities to look like to support them as they age
  • Discovered models that support successful aging
  • Created collaborations and partnerships that will sustain and grow the models.

You can view a Summit Concept Paper and view a list of featured programs here.  We are so lucky to have such a sense of community here in the Puget Sound and such a bevy of innovative talent.  CareForce has been thrilled to be a part of this on-going discussion.