CareForce and Aegis at Callahan House bring Dr. Chris (Himes) Fordyce to engage with our community to have a discussion about Chronic Pain and to talk about strategies that clinicians can use to decrease sedentary behavior!

Wonderful discussion today!  Over 20 attendees came eager to engage with Dr. Fordyce and each other on this important topic.  Here were some of the comments; “I’m going to push activity in my practice”, “I’m going to consider affect of depression on the activity level of my patients”, “people are never too old to exercise”, “movement and socialization are key and opiates don’t treat pain they mask it”, “activity is key and THE distraction”, “I’m going to keep active”, “I appreciate the info on the new pain law”, “I learned how important is to stay active”, “I feel empowered to provide activities alongside medications”, “pain meds are only helpful if a patient needs them to move”.

Callahan House
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