CareForce Caregiver Raises Amazing Children

A few years back I had the priviledge of meeting Jessie Sylve’s children.  Ms. Silve has been a caregiver with CareForce for 9 years and was recognized in 2011 as Washington State Caregiver of the year.  But Sylve is not the only person in her family recognized for greatness.  This past January, her son Bruce Strothers was recognized as Head Start Alumnus of the Year by the National Head Start Organization.  There are so many aspects to a moment like this.  Sylve raised her children as a single mother (widowed).  And having known Sylve for 9 years, it isn’t just Headstart that is responsible for the success of all of her adult children.  She has tenacity and wisdom.  Her devotion to her work is evident in the relationships she establishes with her clients but her devotion to her family is evident by her priorities during her time off.  I cherish her Tuesday morning visits when she gets off of work where she tells me about her plans during her time off with children or grandchildren.  This is a reminder that our caregivers are not just important to our clients, but to the families they raise in their private homes.  And as Sylve told me this morning, HeadStart was so helpful to her as a single mom.  And in only the way that Sylve could tell it, I paraphrase:  Bruce couldn’t write his B’s forward, he wrote them backwards.  She assured me that he writes his B’s forward now, but is quick to give credit to HeadStart for helping her during his preschool years.  She states that HeadStart gave her the support to help her kids get off on the right foot.

Thanks Jessie….you are amazing.