CareForce caregivers are truly inspirational!

Recently our administrative staff received the below notice from one of our beloved caregivers.  We were so moved that I thought we share it with you as it’s a true testament to the quality and compassion of our caregiving staff;

“In 2009 I joined Careforce . My expectations were not only met but I realized a workforce where excellence, teamwork ,compassion , communication just to name a few virtues convulge to contrive a network of a dedicated workforce .

   Wonderful and remarkable people, I have met and worked with, staff and clients alike. Beautiful human family where compassion and best of human virtues is made manifest and pedestalled . Under God’s majestic presence I have been humbled in the course of my service delivery and embers of self discovery ignited,ultimately fires to serve humanity as a servant leader and student have been instilled.

 It has been a favor and great honor to work with Careforce Inc, and always proud to say  and tell others where I work and would like to pass my sincere gratitudes to the president Deidrich/Sam for the vision.

  It’s along this fecundity and with great humility finds it’s imperative to tender my leave note.


-CareForce employee