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Sound Steps



CareForce is in our third year of sponsorship of King County’s Lifelong Recreation’s; Sound Steps program.  The big kickoff celebrations started last weekend down South and yesterday at the Greenwood Senior Center.  Such energy and sense of commitment this year from the group.  The kick off started with introductions at individual tables (there were over 60 attendees).  I coincidentally sat with members of my neighborhood in Southwest Seattle.  We shared why we participate in the program and what keeps us motivated to stay active.  One member stated that since her heart attack her doctor told her the best thing she could do was walk and she’s been walking ever since.  She is a distance walker and walks at times from Fremont to Capitol Hill and back.  She says that walking to different places keeps it interesting for her.  Another table member states that she enjoys walking with the Woodland Park Zoo walkers that meet every Tues and Thursday and walks inside the zoo.  She loves visiting the animals as a part of her bi-weekly routine.

Part of the program yesterday included a talk from a featured walker.  The speaker talked about her own journey and commitment.  She states that as a working nurse she smoked and didn’t have the endurance to walk a simple trail at a city park.  After quitting smoking and increasing her activity, walking has become a routine for her.  She states that she stays motivated by “thinking like a four year old”.  She likes to wear nice workout outfits and wears crazy, fun shoelaces.  She on occasion will write worries on the bottoms of her shoes and “will pound them out on the pavement”.

Sound Steps is supported by a number of community members.  Along with CareForce, Team Survivor Northwest is a sponsor.  Team Survivor Northwest affiliates provide group exercise and support programs for women with a present or past diagnosis of cancer.  Monica from the program spoke at the kick off about considerations for the group as venture on towards their personal goals of the program.  She reminded the group of the hazards of sitting and that the Surgeon Generals recommendation is that people take 10,000 steps a day.  Monica made some recommendations for pre-walking meals and suggested that cutting apple juice with water might be a better alternative to sports drinks.  Her reminder to be aware of your gait is a good one to help prevent injury while walking.

Consider joining us this year in our community effort towards increasing our activity through walking.  There are several walks throughout the city listed in the hyperlink above and here again; Sound Steps