CareForce continues to celebrate nursing as a profession.

CareForce owner, Susan “Sam” Miller,RN, MN an alumnus of the University of Washington School of Nursing (“82) will attend the annual Elizabeth Sterling Soule Endowed Lecture at Benaroya Hall this week.
CareForce is proud to sponsor B. Josephine Ensign, DrPH, associate professor at UWSON, as our guest at the Annual Nursing Recognition Banquet which is also a part of this event. Sam and Dr. Ensign will have the honor of sitting with Theresa Brown, RN, this year’s banquet speaker. Ms. Browne is an an accomplished nurse and writer. Please contact the UWSON if you would like to go to either the free lecture or attend the banquet. (reservations required for the banquet). This is a splendid way to celebrate nursing as a profession.