CareForce employees Bike MS Washington

Once again Lara Davidson rode for the cure in the Washington Bike MS. This time she inspired her daughter Shannon to ride with her (and her husband). This isn’t the first time Lara has inspired a new rider for the Bike MS. Sam MIller was inspired by Lara 3 years ago to ride her first Bike MS. This year we all rode with 1700 riders to raise money to help with research, treatment, and education about this disease. With monies raised, so many strides have been made in treatment for some people with some types of Multiple Sclerosis. This year Bike MS WAshington raised over 1.6 million dollars. We have at least 2 team members that ride WITH MS. What in inspiration!!! So thank you to those who ride and thank you to those who support this ride and most of all thank you to those who live with MS who inspire us everyday with their courage.