CareForce engages in meaningful ways with our community








Before the Holidays I had a conversation with the Rehab Team Leader at US Healthworks in Lynnwood.  We discussed our caregiver training opportunities and our intention to help our staff employ best practices in body mechanics.  I had asked Ron if he would be willing to come out to our office to present current material on body mechanics and to observe a few of our caregivers technique.  To my delight, Ron said “of course”.

Last Month, I was approached through our Seattle chamber membership from a representative from       Living Well Alliance which is a partnership of Pac Med, Premera and the Diabetes Association aimed at prevention and healthy workplaces.  They offered to come out to provide free screenings at our office for staff and talk about prevention and I said “of course, Yes”.

When Seattle’s Lifelong recreation asked recently if we would be willing to sponsor the local 50+ walking program aimed at increasing activity and community engagement, we said “YES”.  Mari, the program coordinator at Sound Steps knows that reducing sedentary behaviors and helping our clients engage in community activities is one of CareForce’s ongoing initiatives.  The kick off is this Saturday and I can’t wait to meet this year’s group.

This week I had a meeting with Senior Services of Seattle to talk about their initiatives outlined this year and talked extensively about ways CareForce has supported our community seniors.  We discussed new ways to be influential together in helping our community plan for aging the way they want to.

We are so happy to be an engaged member of our community.  The benefits are beyond measure.  We are always on the look out for new ways to do this work together and are open to talk more.