CareForce Integrated Chronic Care Management Helps Client with Heart Failure

Darlene Grinde, RN, became certified as an Integrated Chronic Care Manager (ICCM) last fall through our membership at the Home Care Association of Washington.  Recently, a middle aged man with heart failure hired Ms. Grinde to provide him with coaching, education, and assistance with learning how to live healthily with his heart failure.  Reading food labels,  tracking his “red flag” symptoms, developing a workable system to communicate with his doctor and pharmacy, and working on his exercise and weight management are all a part of the “partnership” between Ms. Grinde and her client.  The secret to ICCM is putting the client in charge and helping them learn one skill at a time that helps them stay healthy (or as healthy as possible) with their heart failure.  They meet weekly and build on each new skill.  Work place is fun when CareForce uses clinically tested strategies to help our clients stay in their home sweet home.