CareForce MSW attends Professional Ethics Group

Kim Nicholas, MSW and Geriatric Care Manager at CareForce, participated in a 6 hour seminar (3 seperate sessions) with other experienced and respected social workers to discuss the ethical dilemmas presented in geriatric care practice.  Barbara Greene, MSW, who is a local expert and educator organized the speakers and group discussion.  In home care, we often find ourselves having to clarify “who is the client” ?  In addition, the client who is still cognitively able to make decisions, challenges us to their right to self determination.  Often family and professionals believe that “our collective we”  know best what the client needs.  This, however, usually doesn’t matter when the client disagrees with recommendations and/or advice.  Weighing all of the issues can become very complex when their are family members who disagree, resources are thin, and safety measures are imperfect.  Ms. Nicholas shared that it was an exceptional group of experts and the ability to discuss real live situations using a tested conceptual framework was excellent.  CareForce geriatric care managers have benefitted (and will continue to benefit) from this continuing education.