CareForce Saves the Day, All Day Long and Into the Night

Part of working at CareForce for home care specialists, clinicians, and caregivers is to be available to admit and provide care after hours and on weekends.  It is “what we do”.  Being available to start care every day takes a certain level of commitment from our employees.  Beginning with our home care specialist, Jolene (this past weekend) and Elizabeth are answering our phones around the clock.  And when that call comes in requesting to begin care, then they call our clinician on call (Kathy, RN,  this past Weekend).  And once the clinician speaks with the new client and goes to their home for their admission and assessment, then the CareForce caregivers must answer their phones and say “yes” to going to provide care.

On this past beautiful Sunday, September 2, Jolene answered the phones to three different families needing care on Sunday night.  While Kathy, RN, was admitting an older woman who had broken her ankle in the North End and needed care for Sunday evening, the phone rang with two urgent requests for care.  Kathy then went to the Eastside to admit a woman who had just been discharged from a hospital and needed some safety supervision for a few days.  And then finally another man was discharged from a south end hospital and needed care around the clock to begin that same day.

Jolene put out the calls to our caregivers.  On a sunny Sunday it seems that commitment from our caregiving staff outweighed the call to have fun. Sally, Natesho, and Elizabeth all said yes to the request to provide care to our new clients on Sunday night. Their yes became these families’  relief to have a competent professional caregiver in their home.

So thanks to Kathy for doing 3 admissions on a beautiful Sunday.  Thanks Jolene for missing your granddaughter’s precious 3rd birthday to call our caregiving staff to fill the shifts for our new clients.  And thanks so much to Philamena, Natesho, and Elizabeth for heading out into the Sunday evening to provide much needed home care to our new clients.  You all saved these client’s day and night.