CareForce’s Clinical Brain Trust

Brain trust began as a term for a group of close advisers to a political candidate or incumbent, prized for their expertise in particular fields. The term is most associated with the group of advisers to Franklin Roosevelt during his presidential administration. More recently the use of the term has expanded to encompass any group of advisers to a decision maker, whether or not in politics. (Wikipedia).  At CareForce, we have a clinical brain trust.  On any given day our five Registered Nurses (RN) and one Master of Social Work (MSW) poll each other’s opinions and ideas about managing client issues or caregiving dilemmas that arise .   In addition, our very capable Home Care Staffing Specialists who have worked day in and day out with caregiver and client questions may weigh in on a solution to a given problem.  Our Director of Home Care and Human Resources often is included in these discussions.  Our Director of Financing ,  Payroll  and Billing Specialist, and Receptionist who thru communication with client or caregiver might have an innovative idea…or a piece of information that is relevant to the problem.  Of course our amazing caregivers often come up with solutions as well.  On a daily basis I observe these caring individuals asking the questions: How can we do this better? What might we do differently? They pick each other’s brains.  They are bold in their recommendations.  The whole is most definitely greater than the sum of its’ parts. The clinicians add so many components yet their specialty is making certain that the recommendation is safe and achievable in terms of the best practices in home care.  As their CEO, I am so very proud of the work that is done here for the clients that we serve.