caregiving is caregiving is caregiving….

I had a member of my family die on Wednesday.  Ed was my sweet Heinz 57 canine that I picked up at the Humane Society almost 4 years ago.  Ed was in his golden years when we met (I’ve always had a thing for older guys).  All human companions are caretakers to their canine friends, of course.  Since we chose to remove his cancerous tumor last October, caregiving had taken a new spin for me.  He did well after the surgery.  His vet got good margins and the tumor never did come back.  It was early Spring this year when Ed’s heart murmur became more pronounced and lead to a CHF diagnosis early Summer.  We were very clear with the vet that we wanted make efforts that Ed was comfortable and maintained a meaningful quality of life.  Well into Summer Ed went to the dog park with us.  He wagged his tail and engaged in quality in his life.  Towards the end of Summer early Fall, he started to bulk at taking his 5 +/- medications and his vision became more impaired.  Ed was unable to make it to a family vacation with us this month and stayed home with his second set of carers (my parents).  Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving he made it very clear to me that it was day.  He had some acute episode and after some effort I was able to get him calm and he slept until my husband and his canine friend; Etna came home.  My husband agreed with me that Ed needed some help on his journey home.  Ed’s vet and company were compassionate and said the kind words that we needed to hear to assure us in our decision.  We plan to give Ed a wake this Saturday, as we would any family member.