Caregiving Team Learns How to Work with an Amber

TEEPA 2011 029
With Teepa Snow in town, CareForce care managers and caregivers are attending with some very specific questions.  First of all, what is an Amber?  Teepa has named the stages of alzheimer’s dementia with gem identities.  Her philosophy is, why not call them beautiful gems as everyone with dementia is still a beautiful person who has lost some of their abilities to show their beauty.  We, as caregivers, need to learn how to “see” the gem.  So today we have teams of caregivers learning how to understand the Amber behaviors and how is the best way to approach that behavior.  “Ambers” are in the moment, move toward or away from activity, like getting into stuff, have sensory needs such as touch, taste, and may react very physically if they don’t understand a situation. Thanks Teepa for sharing your caregiving strategies for our “Amber”.