Celebrating CareForce Founder in His Retirement and Birthday

On January 25, 2016, friends, colleagues and employees gathered to wish Diedrich Meinken well in his retirement and to congratulate him on his 70th birthday. In 1999 it was Diedrich who started El Presidente Diedrich and the Band Diaka CareForce as a company that would provide excellence in home care.  His vision as well as his development of service delivery systems within the organization are the foundation from which we are able to provide the wonderful care that CareForce delivers today.  As a Master of Social Work, he developed the company mission to “improve the quality of care for vulnerable people“.  With this mission in mind, CareForce has been a leader in promoting higher standards in home care as well as bringing wonderful national speakers to the Puget Sound area regarding dementia care and transitions in care (Teepa Snow and Eric Coleman).  Never afraid to speak his truth, Diedrich was instrumental in lobbying in Olympia to gain easier access for home care agencies to the data at DSHS regarding caregivers history with elder abuse, a helpful tool in the hiring process.  Diedrich isn’t going too far, he will remain as Chairman of the Board and as he is married to the new CEO (Susan “Sam” Miller, RN, MN) he will keep abreast of all things CareForce and provide valuable consultation.  Congratulations Diedrich on building a wonderful company.  Your legacy as a home care game changer is secure.