Coordinating Alternative Care for Hospice Client

Care at CareForce always involves an expert RN or Social Worker as your supervisor.  This past week a new client was admitted who is also receiving care from a Medicare Hospice provider.  The brother of the client called us to see if we could provide  an alternative method of treament that he had discovered on the internet.  CareForce RN called the following folk: client, Hospice RN, Primary Care Physician, Primary Naturopath, and brother.  CareForce RN facilitated discussions between all parties.  If in fact, the primary provider and naturopath decide to order the treatment, CareForce will be able to provide it.  Most importantly in this situation, all of the parties are talking to each other to sort out the right approach to care.  This level of coordination should be the standard in all health care agencies; it is definitely a standard that we try to achieve with each of out clients.