Delegating Insulin Injections – Cost effective Care at CareForce

The CareForce team does it again.  Yesterday afternoon a client wanted to go home from the rehab facility but is not yet able to do his own insulin injections.  Did you know that CareForce has the capability to provide nurses to give your insulin injections?  Better yet, if your diabetes is under good control and is stable and predictable, CareForce RN’s can delegate your insulin injections to one of our qualified and competent caregivers.  Within a 6 hour notice of the client needing insulin injections at home, one of our RN’s communicated with the rehab facility, talked with the physician, met with the client and developed a specific plan of care for the blood glucose checks and accompanying insulin injections through a FlexPen and Solarstar Pen.  Qualified caregivers who have special training in both nurse delegation and insulin administration have been assigned to care for this client.  Amber trained the caregiver who provided care last night and this morning.  And a training program specific for this client’s insulin needs has been set up for any other caregivers that will be joining this client’s team.  With caregivers providing the insulin injections the cost is about 40% less than if a nurse was doing all of the injections.  And the safety precautions put in place through supervision and the Plan of Care create safe diabetic care for the client and caregivers.   Awesome team work!  RN creates the plan and training, qualified caregivers take the assignment, and the staffers in the office work the magic of finding qualified caregivers!  Thanks Connie, Amber, and Elizabeth! Oh, yes, and the family doesn’t have to run over to dad’s house to give him his insulin each morning and evening!!!!