Elder Law and Geriatric Care Management – Two Important Committee Members

Almost 8 years ago, a 84 y.o. client of ours (who did not have children or family) taught us the importance of having a “committee”.  Her committee was composed of 2 friends that were her own age and 2 friends who were about 20 years younger than she.  She wisely said that it is important to form a committee of lots of varied perspectives, different ages, and people who you trust to help you with important life changing decisions. At that time she invited a CareForce RN to participate on her committee as she faced some disability issues.   Fast forward to today when I met with a elder law attorney to discuss the value of an attorney who is the legal advocate for his/her client.  We had a thoughtful discussion about legal, financial, medical, safety and emotional issues that families must address during that journey called life, and in particular the years when we are considered “elderly”.  Getting advice and assistance from an attorney who is an expert in elder law can help our clients to make thoughtful and informed decisions about planning for long term care and/or estate planning. Most definitely a qualified elder law attorney can make sure you have all of the facts before making life changing decisions.   Then inviting a Geriatric Care Manager, such as CareForce GCM’s, to assess your medical, safety, and support needs for your long term care can inform your planning and make that committee of yours able to help you with your decisions.  Make sure you have the right members of your personal long term