What does a caregiver do?
Professional caregivers assist with the non-medical tasks that a person cannot safely or comfortably do alone. Examples of the type of help usually provided by homecare aides include:

Personal Care: Assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, toileting, ambulating, transfers, positioning, exercise, and reminding of and assisting in medication.
Household Tasks: Meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, pet care, and errands as needed. If pre-arranged, your caregiver can provide transportation, companionship, and assistance with meetings, appointments, or other outings.
Companionship: Provide a listening ear, cheerful conversation, and a caring heart while working around the house, escorting and driving on trips to the doctor, hairdresser, house of worship, the home of a friend, or recreational outings.
Respite: Fill in for a regular caregiver when they are unable to work due to illness, vacation, or simply the need to take a break.


Homecare aides are not intended to replace medical professionals or family members.

Certain medical tasks, such as changing a sterile dressing or IV administration, cannot be done by a homecare aide and must be done by a family member or qualified medical professional. However, CareForce is licensed and staffed as both a homecare and a home-health provider. When needed, a visit by one of our nurses can be arranged to address many tasks that cannot be handled by your caregiver legally.

Our Nurse Delegation Services might allow your caregiver to perform some medical tasks that would otherwise require a nurse.

What is the difference between homecare and home healthcare?

Homecare and home healthcare are both licensed by the State of Washington’s Department of Health. A homecare agency can perform most of the non-medical tasks required to assist people with temporary or chronic functional limitations to live comfortably and safely at home. However a homecare agency cannot provide skilled medical tasks.
Home health agencies provide skilled services to individuals who are home bound. These services include nursing visits, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social worker assistance, and speech therapy. Home-health agency services are ordered by a physician and, if medically necessary, are usually paid for by your major medical insurance and/or Medicare.

Examples of skilled medical tasks that must be done by a licensed professional or family member are:

• giving injections,
• changing wound dressings, or
• providing medical or rehabilitation treatments.

A phone call to our Staffing Specialists will generally help you determine the type of services you may need.
CareForce does offer home nursing service under our home-health agency license, but if required tasks cannot be done legally and professionally by CareForce, we will happily provide you with appropriate referral information. For services such as PT, OT, or other therapies, CareForce frequently works together with other Home Health Agencies to meet your full range of needs at an affordable cost.

What hours do caregivers work?

Caregivers are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The actual hours of service depend on your preferences, your needs, and the level of care identified in your plan of care. Please look at the CareForce store for more details.

How does CareForce screen caregivers?

We conduct face-to-face interviews with each of our caregivers, and we hire only those people whom we believe have the special combination of caring, integrity, dependability, experience, and necessary skills to place them into the homes of vulnerable adults.

Before we place any employee, they undergo a rigorous screening process that includes:

• Employment reference check
• Background check for abuse or neglect findings with the DSHS
• Background check for criminal history
• License Check for any actions
• Written application
• Written competency test
• Skills test in our training facility
• Proof of TB test
• Proof of current First Aid / CPR certification
• Proof of necessary education or licenses
• Proof of insurance and Driving Abstract if asked to drive

How does CareForce orient their caregivers?

Each employee is required to attend an eight-hour orientation with our professional instructors in our classrooms. Many agencies simply show a videotape or pass out a handbook to meet the legal orientation requirements. We want to answer our employees’ questions and observe their reactions to the material as a part of our screening process. This comprehensive orientation meets the rigorous standards set by a national healthcare accreditation association.

How are CareForce caregivers supervised?

When placed, each caregiver receives a briefing of the individualized care plan, receives ongoing supervision by a nurse or MSW, and is actually observed working in the home on a regular basis.
Our weekly timesheets allow space for our clients to provide written feedback to supervisors. Our staffing professionals also monitor client satisfaction with the caregivers when calls are made to arrange, change, or confirm care schedules.

Who pays for homecare services?

Homecare services are usually private-pay expenses. Insurance may cover some or all of the costs of home care if the client’s care needs are the result of an accident or if the client is covered by long-term care insurance.
Medicare does not cover non-medical home care.
Some adults who are low income, older, and/or disabled may be eligible for Medicaid-reimbursed homecare. You should contact your local DSHS office for information. CareForce does not provide Medicaid-reimbursed homecare, but we will help you find a Medicaid provider if you need one.

How will I be billed?

With each visit, your caregiver will clock in and out using your home phone and completing an electronic time sheet with tasks performed during their visit. Then you will receive one simple invoice each week. This Invoice will identify the caregiver(s) who provided your care, detail the amount and type of services you received, and show the pre-approved hourly rates for your service.
You may elect to pay by check or credit card. We will submit invoices directly to your insurer on your behalf if you have verified insurance coverage

What is included in the all-inclusive billed rates for CareForce Services?,

• Recruitment, screening, background, and reference checks
• Placement and scheduling of compatible caregivers
• Competency testing administered and scored
• General and professional liability insurance
• Bonding against employee dishonesty
• Payroll, including all required taxes withheld, filed, and paid on time
• Employee paid-leave time.
• Assessment and an individualized plan of care done by a registered nurse, with fee applied to balance due after purchase of 40 hours of care
• Ongoing supervision by a nurse or MSW
• Backup plan for illness or leave, with pre-qualified substitutes provided
• Ongoing continuing education for the caregivers, provided by CareForce
• Ongoing review of caregiver credentials, such as licenses, TB test, first aid, and CPR
• Supervisors available by telephone 24 hours every day of the year
• Direct contact with a CareForce staff member 24 hours/day for changes in schedules or important questions
• License and audit conducted by the Washington Department of Health
• Telephonic caregiver check-in and check-out of your home to assure accurate time for billing and to let us know immediately if your caregiver is late for any reason
• Our written Reliability Guarantee

Could I hire a caregiver privately?

Yes you can. However, keep in mind that when you hire privately, you assume all the risks and responsibilities of an employer.
Before making this decision, there are several important issues to consider:

• As a private employer you are responsible to recruit and screen your applicants, and you are responsible to provide supervision of the care.
• You are responsible for any injuries that may occur.
• As a private employer, you are responsible to withhold and to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. In many cases you will also be responsible for paying and filing Workers Compensation and State and Federal Unemployment Taxes.
• You are responsible to provide coverage for sick days and vacation leave.
Should you choose to hire privately, CareForce is available to assist you with the recruiting and screening process at your request.