Follow up from HCAW Luncheon, where Jessie and Elizabeth shined like the stars they are!

I was so proud to attend the HCAW luncheon, where Jessie and Elizabeth were recognized as the outstanding professionals they are.  Both Elizabeth and Jessie brought their families to share in the occasion.  Jessie’s son and family flew in from Atlanta to be a part of the celebration.  Jessie’s acceptance speech was truly inspired and brought the room to their feet at the conclusion. I wanted to share some of it’s highlights with you;
“I am so fortunate to represent CareForce, our organization is comprised with a team of people who have created a positive uplifting work environment.  I must praise our excellent support staff.  It is they that provide us with constant, valuable assistance, advice and encouragement.  I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the family and friends of our clients.  In times of uncertainty and stress they welcome us to the privacy of their homes, entrusting the care and safety of their loved ones to us who are often vulnerable to us.  To them I say thank you.  On a personal note, may I say thank you to my children who have always expressed their admiration for the services we as caregivers contribute to our clients.  “Caregiving is a significant, principled profession.  This concept is reinforced through our efforts to ensure that all clients equally deserve a consistent and exceptional standard in the quality of care which we will provide with dignity, purpose and compassion.  Most of all, please allow me to take this moment to acknowledge and thank all of our admirable, skillful caregivers who deserve merit and recognition for the work that they do.”

HCAW Luncheon