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Engaging with customers in a way that is transparent and demystifies in-home services.  Creating a commerce setting that is familiar and putting the power to create options in the hands of our customer!

Lynnwood, Washington –Today, CareForce a fee for service in-home care provider, officially launches an online commerce platform that engages in a revolutionary way with our customer.

“Getting community members to start thinking about in-home care services before they need them is a mountainous obstacle in our industry,” says Katheryn Howell, CareForce Executive Director “With our online buying platform we have created a familiar system for purchases that actively engages the customer and allows them to “play with” options.  This allows the customer to start thinking about in-home care as part of their living well plan, not just part of end-of-life plan”

“CareForce Geriatric Care Managers have always and will continue to coach potential clients on how to have the ‘right amount of care’ at the ‘right time’” said Sam Miller Clinical Director and Co-Founder of CareForce. “With our online store, you can now see different ways that care is delivered, what kind of situation is typical for a service, and how you might purchase based on your needs and goals. When our customers are educated, it helps them gain some control in a situation that often feels very out-of-control and confusing.” Sam has created a video clip that further explains the intent of the online store and a brief tutorial. Go and find the CareForce In-Home Care Store button just below the video on our home page.

How the CareForce In-Home Store Works;

  • Community members are driven to the store from our website or from search engines.
  • Users browse the in-home services to learn what kind of services are available, how they are delivered and the cost of the services.
  • Users can add services to their shopping cart and move through the purchase process online.
  • Alternatively, user formulates their questions through the online experience and may chose to phone our intake line staffed by RNs and MSWs 24/7.
  • Once the user has decided to move forward with an in home assessment CareForce connects with the user and schedules an assessment time.
  • A Free In-Home Assessment with geriatric specialist Registered Nurse or Social Worker provides consultation and recommendation to finalize In-Home Care Service based on client needs and goals. Care can begin anytime after this assessment.



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About CareForce

Since 1999 CareForce has developed a reputation as one of the most trusted home care agencies in the Puget Sound area.  Today with over 130 employees, CareForce is known and respected for its exceptional caregivers, rapid response times, and commitment to continuous improvement of quality standards, relevant community education, outstanding customer service and its written Reliability Guarantee. CareForce hiring standards for its caregivers far exceed licensing requirements and industry standards. We select only experienced and committed Nurses, Geriatric Care Managers, and the other professional staff who make CareForce operate effectively 24 hours, every day of the year. CareForce has made Activity CarePack® available to the Puget Sound region since October 2010.


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