Geriatric Care Management Brain Trust at CareForce

Today at CareForce, Joni Scott, RN, CCM, gathered our other Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) together to report all of her new “learnings” at last week’s National Meeting for the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.  This report stimulated discussion about the legal terms of “incapacitated” , “incompetent”, “capacity” and “undue influence”.  GCM’s can bring an unbiased advocate for the elder, vulnerable client who is at the center of a family who is having difficulty coming to consensus on the right care for their loved one.  During our meeting today, we discussed many examples of situations where our skilled GCM’s help clients and families identify their goals and have the tough conversations together.  Our GCM’s can help you navigate the elder care world as well as the medical system in an efficient and respectful manner.  Sitting in our meeting today, I was in awe of the “brain trust” of experience that CareForce GCM’s bring to our clients.  While our clients develop a specific, trusting relationship with their GCM team of RN and Social Worker, they also have the advantage of other GCM’s who can make suggestions regarding difficult situations.  In addition, CareForce GCM’s can refer you to specific experts if your needs are outside of our “brain trust” abilities.  Celebrate National Geriatric Care Managers month by calling CareForce for information. 1-877-426-8800