Holisitic Planning Across the Generations with CareForce

On Friday, October 26, CareForce has organized a Health Fair at our Seattle Office in the Columbia Tower, 42nd Floor.  At CareForce we know that none of us really wants to plan to need long term care.  However, there is real value in beginning the journey by collecting information and talking with experts in the field of long term care planning.   The best planning likely begins as we hit young adulthood however most young adults aren’t thinking they are going to get “old” and ever need care.  A better scenario we boomers probably consider is living independently and then one day dying in our sleep.  The odds are that many of us are going to need some sort of support as we age and making a plan regarding your legal affairs, planning for financial needs, and thinking about living and care options is a good idea.  Please consider joining Joni Scott, RN, CCM (Certified Care Manager), George Edensword-Breck, JD, and Andrew Cohen of CoHo Accounting Services to discuss any of your questions about planning for  your current or future situation.  Joni Scott is very experienced at evaluating the needs of a disabled individual , mapping out a plan of care with options based on the client’s wishes, and implementing a care plan for the client or family. She is excellent at providing consultation regarding planning for your future.  Mr. Edensword-Breck is  one of the founding members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and was elected as the initial Chairperson of the Elder Law Section of the Washington State Bar Association. Andrew Cohen of CoHo Accounting Services provides a full selection of money management services to families, guardians, and clients.  Please come by on Saturday between 11:30 am to 1:30 pm to have an informative and possibly enlightening conversation about your current or future needs.