Fall-Risk Assessment

Because we know that 85% of people over 65 years old will experience a fall, and that 50% of those people will fall again, CareForce has adopted the nationally recognized Fall Risk Assessment Program.

IMG_0551_edited-1The CareForce Mission is to improve the quality of care for vulnerable people. Statistics show that falls in the elderly are prevalent, and injuries frequently result in hospitalization and shortened life span. To improve the safety of our clients, CareForce uses an evidence-based process to:

1.  Complete a thorough fall-risk evaluation during each client’s assessment.
2.   Automatically enroll any client at an elevated risk for falls as a member of our fall-risk reduction program.
3.  Insert a special set of guidelines into the individualized plan of care that includes careful monitoring procedures.

All of our caregiving professionals receive special training during their orientation in fall-risk reduction and procedures to follow should a fall occur. The CareForce evidence-based fall-reduction program is offered to our clients at no additional cost. It is one more way that we honor our commitment to improve the quality of care for vulnerable people in our communities.