Geriatric Care Management

Enjoying an ice cream outing_edited-1 Most people will find themselves at a point in their life where they have to face the daunting task of providing care for an aging parent or loved one. Finding the right care can feel like a lonely process, but you don’t have to be alone. CareForce Care Managers are dedicated to providing the best options to anyone they speak with—even if that means sending you to another care provider. At CareForce, we value our community no matter where they end up. Our geriatric care management and assessment services include:

• Assessment of physical, psychosocial, cognitive, and emotional needs with recommendations for community service.

• Assist families and clients to develop a strategy for aging or move to a different level of care.

• Assistance as needed to manage the care needs of your loved one.

• Assistance with enrollment and referral to appropriate community resources, including medical, dental, social, and healthcare prevention and maintenance services.

• Coach and coordination with family members or legal representatives and medical providers in the development of individualized care plans

• Communicate with healthcare providers and family members about healthcare issues.

• Coordinate with private caregivers and other service providers.

• Provide consultation on client needs for healthcare or social service assistance.

• Provide support, coordinate appointments, and arrange transportation as needed.

• Serve as liaison with home care services when extra assistance is needed.

Our Care Managers will recommend only those services, professionals, and organizations that they firmly believe best accomplish the needs of the client and the established plan of care. They are ethically responsible to act in the best interest of their clients at all times. That is consistent with the CareForce mission, values, and practices; it is how we do business and how we have earned the trust of so many families and the finest eldercare professionals.