Payments and Pricing

Payment Questions:

1. Who pays for home care? Home Care Services Are Usually Private Pay Expenses. Medicare does NOT cover non-medical Home Care. Insurance may cover some or all of the costs of Home Care if a long-term care insurance policy is in place, or if the care needs are the result of an accident. Some older and/or disabled adults who have low income may be eligible for Medicaid reimbursed Home Care. You should contact your local DSHS office for information. CareForce does not provide Medicaid reimbursed home care.

2. How can I find out the bill rate for the care that I would like?  Call CareForce at 425-712-1999 and ask to speak with a clinician.  Our RN’s and MSW will be happy to consult with you regarding your care needs and what the costs will be at CareForce.

3.  How will I be billed? Your caregiver will clock in on their phone once they arrive at your house, and then clock out at the end of the shift via telephone. Then you will receive one simple invoice each week. This Invoice will identify the caregiver(s) who provided your care, detail the amount and type of services you received, and show the pre-approved hourly rates for your service. You may elect to pay by check or credit card. We will submit invoices directly to your insurer on your behalf if you have verified insurance coverage.

4.  What is included on my bill? Your bill rate will be determined at the time of your in home assessment, before you decide to proceed with care. The bill rate you have authorized includes much more than the wages, payroll taxes, and benefits for your caregivers. It also included workers’ compensation coverage, bonding and liability insurance that protects you and your caregiver. It covers the cost of caregiver recruiting, background and reference checks, competency testing, ongoing supervision and evaluation, 24-hour access to RN supervision and Home Care Specialists, caregiver continuing education, regular reviews of caregiver credentials, and our Guarantee of Reliability, with backup caregivers whenever needed.

5.  Is there a charge for my initial assessment? No.

6.  Will I have extra expenses? Not unless you require your caregiver to run errands on your behalf or provide you transportation to and from appointments or events. In that case you will be charged a modest charge per mile, and of course any additional expenses such as payment for groceries or medications purchased on your behalf. All charges for your caregiver are included in your pre-established single bill rate. Nurse Delegation clients will have additional charges for nursing over-site services.

7. What about care on holidays? CareForce does recognize some national holidays. Should you choose to schedule care on one of the holidays that are identified on your care agreement, you will be charged one and one-half times your normal rate so that we can compensate your caregiver at the overtime rate for work on these special days.