Lifeline Alarms

One of the most worrisome things about a loved one who needs home care living alone is the possibility of an accident or medical emergency happening with no one else around.

CareForce understands that this is a very real concern, and we want to help ease your stress.

You or your loved one can enjoy the added security of a genuine Lifeline medical alarm system installed in your home, often within hours. Should you have a fall or household accident, help is available with just the press of a button. We now offer the same systems that have enabled millions of people to live with greater confidence, peace of mind, and dignity in their own homes—all for little more than a dollar a day. No wonder Lifeline’s personal-response service is the most trusted choice of hospitals, professional caregivers, and families like yours.

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Lifeline services can be installed in your home any day of the year. We know of no other Lifeline provider in the greater Seattle area that can make good on that promise. That’s just the way we do business at CareForce: we serve our clients the way we would expect to be served.

Like other CareForce services, you can expect installation within 24 hours of your order.

We don’t like to wait when we need something important, and we don’t expect you to wait either! Call today!