In home care with CareForce; a story of business resiliency






Reading an article in the Puget Sound Business Journal yesterday about businesses that have profited from our inclement weather, I thought about CareForce’s incredible showing of resiliency and capacity.  It was with great pride during a conference call with our healthcare partners that I said we are staffing at 100% and have capacity to open new clients.  Our staffers and caregivers are particularly shining at this moment, filling shifts and getting to work to care some some of the most vulnerable adults in the county.  CareForce clinical staff visited clients and opened a new client to 24 hour care starting late yesterday evening.  CareForce financial staff completed billing and payroll.  This is how we operate, this is the expectation at CareForce and the incredible value we bring to providing in home care everyday even in inclement weather.   – See more at: