In Home Success Stories from the Field 11/16/11

Highway to Success





CareForce received a call from the Director of Assisted Living Services of a local community. They had a resident, recently enrolled on hospice, who was an independent resident within the community. Due to her illness, the client had several falls within the last week and was no longer “stable.” Multiple family members were involved but could not always be available to watch over the resident. Having worked with CareForce several times in the past, the Director of Assisted Living Services knew that 24 hour care could be implemented that same day to ensure the safety of the resident and peace of mind for the family. The CareForce clinician went out to the Assisted Living Community shortly after receiving the call, and assessed the client and created a Plan of Care with the client and family. While the CareForce clinician was doing this, CareForce staffers were hard at work in the office scheduling a qualified and experienced caregiver to go out immediately. Before the CareForce clinician had even finished the assessment, the CareForce Caregiver arrived and immediately began caring for the client, assisting her to the restroom and getting her comfortable in bed. The coordination of care between the Assisted Living community and CareForce directly led to continuity and quality of care for the client involved.