In home success stories from the field 11/22/11 Is CareForce in your Caregiving Plan?

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Joan and Stefanie are sisters and adult children of their father, Joe.  Joe is 87 years old, is being treated for bladder cancer, and has one support system in Bellevue, Kate, his woman friend of 8 years. Both daughters live over 200 miles away from Bellevue. Up until this year, Joe was vibrant and active.  The surgery and chemotherapy treating his cancer has left him weak and vulnerable, leaning heavily on Kate. The daughters felt worried about Kate’s ability to keep up the support and wanted to create a caregiving plan for their dad.  Joe is dubious and feels certain that Kate can do it all.  So Joan and Stefanie began their search.  They called their dad’s MD’s office to find out what services might be available should Joe agree to help.  In July of this year, they made their first contact with a CareForce geriatric care manager.  After a few emails, they have put together a plan for Joe to be cared for by CareForce when the need arises.  Joan and Stefanie have gathered all the information, know what releases and forms will need to done at the time of admission, and know that CareForce will answer the phone 24/7 to admit Joe when they need it.  Costs have been assessed and they are ready for the budget of minimal vs. maximum care.  They know that Kate can help, and they can come and help, yet CareForce will fill in the gaps should the need arise.  Are you prepared for this moment?  Give us a call.

*disclaimer; while the names of the people in this story are made up, the story is not…we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.