In Home Success Stories From the Field 11/4/11

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Mrs. B.  Chapter  I Complex Issues with Dementia

The referral came from the accountant.  Could CareForce help with a client, Mrs. B.,  who had dementia. Mrs. B. was  in  her 80’s and her husband was overwhelmed but unable to insist on help?  Anytime a caregiver entered the home, the woman sent them away and the husband (also in his 80’s) deferred.  The symptoms of the dementia were classic, at risk for getting lost, poor personal hygiene, poor judgement, yet Mrs. B. did not believe she needed any help.  When a stranger entered into the house, Mrs. B. became agitated and screamed.  CareForce Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) went to the home and became a “friend” of  Mrs. B..  After a few visit with the GCM, a CareForce home health aide (HHA) was introduced. The GCM and HHA came together to the home for the first few visits.  As CareForce GCM and HHA are trained in dementia care by national expert, Teepa Snow, they used state of the art interventions that honored Mrs. B. yet helped her to participate in bathing and grooming.  Mrs. B. is a worldly person….well traveled and bright.  With the onset of dementia, these memories became sharper and the GCM and HHA focused on her history in developing a caring relationship that could keep her safe.  CareForce focused on helping the husband to step back, get a breather, finally get some respite.  As the GCM assessment unfolded it was clear that it was no longer safe for Mrs. B. to live with her husband under their current circumstance.  She was up and wandered at night, he was nervous and unsettled, with health issues of his own.  This was a second marriage of only about 8 years.  They cared deeply for each other, but the stress of the memory impairment was dismantling their relationship. Mrs. B. was needy and demanding, Mr. B. wanted to take care of her but could not.  Stay tuned…….for Chapter II