Jenelle Coale of CareForce wins Caregiver of the Year Award for the Home Care Assocation of Washington

As the Director of Clinical Services, it is my honor to nominate our employees for awards that are given outside of the agency.  Perhaps the most coveted in the home care world of Washington State is Caregiver of the Year.  Once the nomination is sent in, a committee reviews nominations from throughout the state and selects one amazing home care aide.  For the third time in 10 years, CareForce had an aide selected as the Home Care Association of Washington’s Caregiver of the Year.  Jenelle Coale has worked for CareForce for almost 10 years and she is an incredible caregiver.  Her relationship with her clients is immediate and she is very healing.  Using laughter, conversation, and empathy, Coale is able to engage clients in a process of companionship, physical activity, and living their daily lives with joy.  She steps up to the plate to learn new skills and is an active member of the care team here at CareForce.  Above all she is a caring person who balances family, friends, and work.  and in her acceptance speech on April 25 in Seatac, WA she said , as she always does,  “I really love what I do!!”.  We’re glad she does and that she has chosen CareForce as her work home.  Congratulations Jenelle….we are so proud of you!!!