Moment of Grace at A Local Grocery Store

Yesterday, I was returning to our Lynnwood office from a meeting with a care management client’s family and decided to stop in a local grocery store to purchase my lunch.  In my usual fashion of “zipping in and out” I saw out of the corner of my eye  one of our amazing caregivers..her name is Beverly.  Beverly has been giving excellent care for 7 years here at CareForce.  Next to her, using her cart as support, was this tiny in frame, yet mighty in spirit client…I’ll call her Mrs. M.    Mrs. M has sparkly blue eyes that were illuminated by the blue jacket she was wearing.  I introduced myself…having never met Mrs. M.  I knew about her situation as she has been a client of CareForce’s for over 3 years.  Beverly deftly helped Mrs. M and myself begin a conversation by prompting Mrs. M and myself with a “starter”, “Mrs. M. and I love to shop here”.  To which I could respond that I knew the location of every one of these particular grocery stores in the region.  Mrs. M. then brought my moment of grace by delighting me with her story today.  She said, “For many years I thought I was 69 years old, then someone said to me…that’s not right…and then I discovered I was almost 90”  Her eyes twinkled.  Her white hair was cut in a very youthful cut that looked fabulous. We all laughed.  I departed with a huge grin on my face.  The three of us met around the corner of the frozen foods and we were able to give each other a smile and a wave. I loved seeing her LIfeline pendant around her neck, reminding me that clients can have intermittent visits/shifts from caregivers and have the security of a Lifeline Pendant to get help when family or caregivers are not around.   Every time I receive the gift of an encounter with an older adult…it is a moment of grace for me.  May each of you have one today!