Nationally recognized leadership in preparing for emergencies

For over three years CareForce has participated in King County Healthcare Coalition’s In-Home Services Committee.  The In Home Services Committee convenes organizations that provide home health and home care services to discuss strategies and tools to ensure continuity of care during emergencies or disasters for the clients they serve. The committee meets on a quarterly basis and is open to all in home service providers.  In conjunction with healthcare organizations, the Coalition develops mutual aid agreements that address the continuum of healthcare and establish cooperative management of resources.  CareForce is proud to have participated in the development of this mutual aid agreement that is now in effect.  We are one of the very few in home care providers that has a county wide agreement that allows us to both accept and receive aid in an emergency.  We are preparded to share resources with our healthcare partners.

FEMA’s Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP) recognized the King County Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan as a grant “success story” in its November newsletter.  The article outlines the work done by the “committed working group, strong leadership team, exemplary consultant support, and a significant number of long term care facilities in [the Puget Sound]” who developed and signed a voluntary mutual aid agreement to assist each other and share resources in the case of a facility evacuation.  “Key [protocols] keep medical records and patient information with the patient as they are transferred between facilities, and to notify their family and primary care physician of the move. The plan also identified over 700 transportation assets that reside at various long term care facilities which can be made available to transport patients during an evacuation event.”

We are proud members of the King County Healthcare Coalition and actively engage in broadcasting the initiatives of the Coalition.