Nurses Float – A Caring Place just like Care At CareForce

I was lucky enough to go to Pasadena this past week and see the Rose Parade up close and personal.  What a lovely experience.  what I have discovered after about 59 years of watching Rose Parades on TV is that it just doesn’t capture the textures and colors of each of the floats.  I was delighted to watch the very first “nurses float” being made as well as seeing it as it “floated by” in the parade on a beautiful, partly sunny and somewhat warm Pasadena morning.  I am sharing with you an exerpt about the ‘Nurses Float”

“The Metaphors of the Nurses’ Float

The animals that make up the Nurses’ Float serve as metaphors for the qualities of nurses that help them create “A Healing Place” for any patient in any setting.

The mother deer and baby represent the quality of Caring. The Owls represent the wisdom and the conscientiousness (note Florence had a pet owl), and the rabbit represents fertility as we support not only this function in our patients but also as we recruit, educate, and nurture new nurses into the profession. The Raccoon represents intelligence, those nurses who work at night, have compassion that supports patient through those long night hours and you can see the raccoon is gently moving the turtle forward which represents the patient and their journey to health. The squirrel represents the commitment that nurses have to making sure the patient has everything they need.The birds and butterflies are the supportive environment of A Healing Place.

The three birds on the branch are Nightingales representing the founder of the nursing profession, Florence Nightingale, who sang loud and clear about what was needed to improve patient care in hospitals. The lanterns light the path to healing and a return to a quality of life. Also they are replicas of the original Florence Nightingale lamp that she used as she walked the halls of the hospitals. ” Nurses Float Website”.