Paul Tosh directs Road Traffic while CareForce directs Care Traffic

Understanding the home care industry can sometimes feel like being in a traffic jam.  And who is Seattle’s favorite traffic guy on the “4’s”?  Paul Tosh of KOMO Radio flies high to direct all of the Seattle area to the safest and less congested route.  Just like Mr. Tosh, CareForce nurses, social workers, caregivers, and home care specialists do the same for people who feel like they are confused and in a jam and aren’t sure which direction to go in looking for home care.  One phone call to CareForce connects you with a geriatric care manager who can help you sort out which direction to go. Our clinicians have the 10,000 foot view of the senior care system just like Mr. Tosh views all of the traffic routes at once and directs you to get their safely and most directly.  That phone consultation is a free service that CareForce has always offered.  So we are your care traffic report on the 4’s or any time.  Thanks Mr. Tosh for helping us inform your radio public about CareForce and for your assistance in helping direct people in a “senior care jam” to CareForce.

paul tosh