Perfect Game at Safeco Field

Yesterday, my husband, Diedrich Meinken, and son, Geoffrey Meinken,  were lucky enough to have gone to Safeco on a whim to watch Felix Hernandez pitch.  As it turns out it was a historic day.  At CareForce we strive for a Perfect Game with every client that we admit to our services.  And as I watched with hopefulness and suspense as the 9th inning approached, I realized that these are the emotions the CareForce staff experiences on a daily basis when managing the details of our client’s care.The client, family  and CareForce clinician serve as the team managers.  The home care specialists serve as the pitching and base coaches.  The nurses and caregivers serve as the infield and outfield as well as the pitchers.  What are the needs that we are taking care of?   Will the right caregiver call us back and be available for the shifts that are open?  When it all comes together for perfect care…there is definitely a sense of historic achievement….even on a daily basis.