Power Outage Springs CareForce Staff Into Action

The recent wind and rain storm in the Puget Sound area played havoc with many people’s power.  Initially over 70,000 people were without power. One of our clients is among the 25,000 who was still (72 hours later)  without power on Friday afternoon.  As many of you know, power outages are tricky; always waiting to see when those lights and heat are going to magically switch back on.  Our client and caregiver were creative in the first 48 hours, but the call came in yesterday that the emergency wood pile for the fire place was getting thin.  Our Manager of Finance, Lara Davidson, stepped up and arranged for a caregiver to pick up more wood.  On Friday,  November 20th, our caregiver called once again.  The wood was almost gone and there was still no power.  Rebecca Hannon, BSN, RN and care manager for the client called a conference with other care managers here, Davidson, the live-in caregiver and the client’s adult children (who live out of town).  Davidson called our power company to see if we could discover the possible time of restoring the electricity.  She persisted through the messages “we can’t tell you when the power will go on” and talked to a helpful live person.  When Davidson described the situation of a vulnerable adult, she was able to ascertain that it was predicted to come on by Sunday (another 48 hours without power).  Hannon then called the client, client’s family and suggested we arrange for moving to an extended stay hotel with his live-in CareForce caregiver.  With the information that it might be another 48 hours without power (thanks PUD), the client agreed to be moved by cabulance,  The caregiver and client were nice and cozy with a TV and ability to make hot food over the weekend.  On Sunday, it was ascertained that power was on and the client and caregiver went home.  Thanks to all for their quick work to find some warmth and safety for our client.