Medication Management

Do you have multiple medicines, more than one doctor, and some frustration with your medication regime?  CareForce RN’s are expert in helping you to talk to your physician about your medicines, helping you set up a medication system that works for you, keeping track of new and old prescriptions, and helping you stay safe with your medication regime.  Call CareForce today for a conversation about medication management.

RN Medication Management  Services –

A Registered Nurse manages all of your medications:iStock_000024326715_Medium (1)

  • Communicates with all of your health care providers
  • Tracks medication changes
  • Sets up a medication system in your home that works for you
  • Keeps all of your providers up to date on your medications
  • Goes to appointments with you, if you would like.
  • Sets up your medications in your home, including over the counter, every 1-4 weeks.


CarePack® CTI – Care Transitions Intervention®  A CareForce RN coaches you on your medication list, how to be certain you have  the proper  medications  and doses.  One home visit occurs with three follow up coaching calls.The Care Transitions Intervention (sm) (CTI) is proven effective in reducing complications during transition to home from hospital or rehab.   Our nurse coach will meet you in the hospital, see you within 48 hours of discharge home, and follow up with you through phone calls for the following month.

Philips Medication Dispensing Service: CareForce leases the Philips Medication Dispensing Service (MDS) to you by the month. You or your family can fill it or you can hire CareForce Registered Nurses to fill the MDS.  See Medication management above.