Proud Statewide Award Winners from the Home Care Association of Wash

Each year, the Home Care Association of Washington (HCAW) hosts an annual awards banquet to honor employees and volunteers in the home care, home health and hospice professions.  Winners are individuals who make a company better for being part of it, they are the hardest working contributors who make a difference in the lives of others.  They are described as “quiet heroes who go unnoticed”.

To date, two CareForce employees have received awards in recognition of their efforts to make a difference.  As an agency, we are proud to have these individuals on the CareForce Team!

2009 HCAW Home Care Aide of the Year

Rose Brown, CNA

“I am so delighted to have been chosen for this award from the HCAW, it is gratitude for service recognized by one such as myself, but is not possible without all the others who share the same vision and values of service for home care clients of Washington State.  The challenge is for us to recognize the need for promotion strategies aimed at bringing home health care goals into the future of a crying baby boom geriatric popluation with a cultural pluralistic labor force of recent immigrants and native-born Americans, who must now redefine their service paradigm as it relates to the changing global economy and shifting family values of America.  With hope, faith, and a genuine, committed health careforce, we can do this.

Yes We Can!” – Rose Brown, CNA

2008 HCAW Support Staff of the Year

Esther Cooper, NAC

“Most people know that good Staffers are hard to find and can make or break an agency.  Excellent Staffers are even more difficult to find.  Esther is one of those excellent Staffers.  The characteristic that separates Esther from the pack is that she embraces the CareForce Mission of Excellence in Caregiving and has tried very hard to be the one to define best staffing practices.  It isn’t easy to staff day in, day out and maintain a fresh approach each day.  Esther has good boundaries, has sought continuing education to advance herself, and is a hero everday to the clients who expect a caregiver to be there to help them through their day.” – Sam Miller, MN, RN