Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving


I was up well past midnight last night finishing this novel. The title is borrowed from the DSHS Course titled Fundamentals of Caregiving which is a state standardized course for home care and adult family home caregivers.  This is a good read and a wonderful story about caregiving to vulnerable adults, grief, family, love, and relationships.   Evison develops his characters so as to at once evoke a clear picture of them and he elicits the readers empathy for this motley crew.   It is at once both heartbreaking and humorous.  Evison has captured the world of many caregiving situations… once heartbreaking and humorous. Humor is a coping strategy that many very healthy adults use to manage unbearable situations.  This is not mean humor…it is a manor of looking at the world so that one can bring gentleness and light to pain and suffering.   Although humor can be tricky so as not to be misconstrued as a lack of compassion or understanding of the gravity of a situation. This strategy rings true for me as it is one of my very important coping strategies. His careful exploration of character leaves it to the reader to find the humor; he merely describes the situations and observations from the view of Benjamin Benjamin the 30 something caregiver.   I encourage you to read this local author (I for one am going to pick up his other books to explore a fuller range of his literary talent).