Satisfied Customers at CareForce

When CareForce began in 1999 one of our first quality processes was to develop our customer satisfaction survey.  And over the years we have been blessed to continue to have 98% of our customers say that they would use us again and also recommend friends and family.  What we didn’t know at the time was that this particular question had been developed by one of my high school classmates, Fred Reichheld  Fred was a brainiac who went to Harvard and then went on to become a specialist in developing customer loyalty for businesses.  And it was his break through research that told companies…the most important feature of your business is developing trusting relationships with your customers and having them answer the question “would you use us again and/or send family and friends?” as the hallmark question of business success. thanks Fred. (who knew that we would be using your research?)  But I digress.  Fast Forward to 2012 at CareForce.  We have developed better sophistication in tracking our referrals over the years and for the year 2012, former clients as well as recommendations from clients’ trusted family and friends were responsible for 10% of our business.  If I can frame this for you, CareForce is fortunate to have multiple repeat referral sources that are in the health care and elder care community.  So for our previous clients and current clients’ trusted family and friends to be a top referral source really speaks to the experience that our clients have when receiving care from CareForce. In a business where trust is queen, our collective workforce, operations, clinical, and caregiving staff help our clients to feel safe, cared for, and want to return to the CareForce family for service.  Thanks to our clients and staff for making this so, and thanks Fred….who knew?