Sight Connection “connects” with CareForce twice in a week

Chrystal Campbell, Community Liaison for CareForce, writes about her visit with Sight Connection earlier this week: Recently, CareForce had the opportunity to exchange information with Sight Connection, a nonprofit program that helps our community members when they experience varying degrees of vision loss including blindness. Sight Connection has many programs and services that help the seeing impaired including counseling, safe movement and travel, independent living, assistive technology, a low vision clinic, a specialty store that sells more than 400 products to assist those with vision loss and educational services including classes and workshops. The purpose of Sight Connection is to help people maintain their independence, improve their quality of life and to provide resources. Additionally, Sight Connection operates with a sliding scale fee and no one is turned away due to inability to pay. Having the ability to build a relationship with Sight Connection and form a partnership only strengthens what CareForce can offer to the clients and the community as a whole. With Sight Connection, we have a great referral for our clients that need extra services due to vision impairment. We also have been given the opportunity for Sight Connection to educate our caregivers on best practices on working with clients who have visual deficits. In return, CareForce has offered it’s Home Care Quality Checklist to help the Sight Connection clients when seeking in home care. This helps ensure that the family has the resources to be a smart consumer when bringing a caregiver into a loved one’s home. We also offer a good referral to Sight Connection. They can be assured that anyone they send our way will be treated with dignity and respect and be cared for by professionally educated staff. We are honored to be a partner with Sight Connection and are pleased to team up with them to continue to offer exceptional care for the people of our community.