Special Nursing Assistants Honored By A CareForce Client

At CareForce, I have the enviable position of hearing on a daily basis that our nursing assistants make a tremendous difference in people’s lives.  Please read these exerpts from a letter sent to us this week from the wife of a client who passed away under the care of both Hospice and CareForce as a team.  ” Ms. W spent the most time with my husband.  She was calm, steady, reassuring. I appreciated her ability to be in my home and make me comfortable with  her presence, not to mention her tidying.  She’s the best.”  Then there was “Ms. R. who spent only 2 shifts with us but she was really appreciated by my husband.  I’ll never forget him trying to teach her about baseball…and she patiently watched the game with him.  Bravo!!”..Also Another Ms. R. was a great help to me.  She was good company.  Her humor and encouragement were appreciated…” ” And then Ms. B. is truly a beautiful person.  Her beautiful voice, calming presence, her efficiency.  She was with us the evening my husband died and I will always remember how wonderful she was to both my husband and our family.”  This wife of her beloved husband has been able to describe the innate abilities of CareForce Nursing Assistants that can only be experienced.  Thank you to her for inviting CareForce into her home to assist with this sad and special journey and for her kind words describing special elements of having a CareForce caregiver in one’s home.