Strength and Independence

I’ve been thoughtful of these two words recently.  In the last two weeks I’ve had many conversations with community partners where these two words came into play.  CareForce launched our brand new online in-home store the last week in June.  To our knowledge it is the very first of it’s kind.  Our intention is to really get the community thinking about in-home options before they need them.  In turn, we help the community overt crisis thinking and instead give them tools to plan ahead.

At a Eastside hospital I spoke with a clinical manager who loves the online store and feels like we’re on to something!  She tells me the biggest objection that she comes up against in getting folks to think about in-home services is the individuals fierce independence.  She wishes that people would answer this questions for themselves long before the crisis; “Independence to me means….”.  She believes that getting folks to visualize what this looks like is key.  We spoke about if people understood how empowering it is to have a personal plan everyone would have one.

Just the other day I spoke with Judy and Ben at Personal Safety Nets(R).  I told Judy about my conversation with this Eastside clinical manager and she agreed.  In addition, Judy has another statement that people should finish ; “Strength to me means….” Having collaborative agreements to get the help you need is so empowering.

So there you have it.  A couple of sentences to finish for yourselves as you create your personal preparedness toolbox.  For more on Personal Safety Nets(R) visit;  and to visit the CareForce online in-home store visit;

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