“Thanks, you saved my life!”

As the client paid her Phillips Lifeline bill, she wrote a short note.  “Thanks you saved my life. I had a stroke.”  Of course, CareForce didn’t save her life, but her personal alarm system from Phillips did.  I had the opportunity to call this 80 something year old woman to ask her about her experience.  And I quote, “I knew something wasn’t right, so I pressed the button.  Immediately the person on the other end of the line recognized my speech was slurred.  I had no idea.  She directed me to stay seated and that she would send emergency personnel right away.  I spent 21 days at rehab and now I am home, walking, talking and getting along.”  She advocates to all of her friends to get a Lifeline.  Recovery from many strokes is highly dependent on how quickly one is treated.

The American Stroke Association reminds us that the acronym F.A.S.T. can save you from permanent disability.  If you , or a loved one, has Facial drooping, Arm weakness, or Slurred Speech, it is Time to call 911.  And, in the meantime, it certainly would be an ounce of prevention to consider a LifeLine.  Call CareForce today for information.