“The e-Patient”; engagement

I’m a Group Health member and because of my work I’m also motivated to stay up to date on what GHC is working on.  I attended an advisory council in my neighborhood recently.  I was impressed that these patient run advisory councils are common within the GHC system.  The council is well attended and about 12 folks attend on a quarterly basis.  To no surprise this group’s average age is about 75.  The Chief of Medicine is a regular speaker for the group and while he wanted to speak to the group about managing chronic diseases they were hot on his trail about the status of breaking ground on the new clinic.  Sounds like they’ve had the plans and the money allotted for the project for some time.  I heard the chief mention “the e-patient” when taking about managing chronic diseases.  This movement of supporting getting the patient behind the drivers seat of their health care is getting a lot of press recently.  If you “Google” e-patient a number of listings pop up with tools and resources.

At CareForce, we fully support and enable patient centered care.  We have programs that truly help our clients build skills necessary to better self manage their care and stay engaged in their community.  Everyone wins when a client utilizes community based services to stay active.  In reality less than 15% of health care occurs in the hospital and we are all on board to shrink that number still.