The World for a Flu Shot at CareForce

Matching caregivers to client needs is a specialty at CareForce.  Our caregivers have multiple “specialties” including dementia care, end of life care, nurse delegated care, and challenged physical needs.  An additional specialty that we offer is caregivers who are trained in caring for the immunosupressed client.  Throughout the year, an important aspect of care of the immunosuppressed client is having taken classes on infection control, environmental cleanliness, and food preparation.  CareForce sends their caregivers to classes at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance so that they can provide safe care to this very special population.  However as autumn rolls around a second additional requirement is the “flu shot” for the caregiver.

THis morning a live in caregiver who cares for an immunosuppressed client had a family emergency and needed to come out of her shift.  This situation called for a caregiver who had already been trained by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in safe environmental management.  The caregiver who was available to go into the next shift and had the training….did not have her flu shot yet.  While CareForce provides flu shots to our caregivers, this particular caregiver was not going to be able to meet up with a CareForce RN to get her flu shot today. What to do?  Call local pharmacies and arrange for the caregiver to get her vaccination.  This would be simple except that she could not pay for her flu shot.  Pharmacies don’t take credit card numbers over the phone…..YIKES!  So our Clinical Supervisor went to the nearest pharmacy that has a branch in Renton, paid for the flu shot, and then the caregiver got her flu shot!!!  YEAH!  And the client is now well taken care of with a trained and capable caregiver who has been properly vaccinated.  CareForce home care specialists do it again, CareForce caregivers do it again….never a dull moment and always excellent customer service!